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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
    Whether you want to buy an *apartment in Achrafieh*, rent an *office in Beirut*, or *sell your shop* located in Hamra, our goal is to answer your need quickly and professionally.
    We also offer *landlords* the opportunity of advertising their real estate listings and expose them to prospective tenants.

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    Q: What are BROKERS XP Services?

    Brokerage Selling - Buying - Renting, new projects marketing, regional and international referrals and relocations.
    Q: What if no properties are displayed in my search results?

    Please broaden your search parameters on the property search form.

    Double check your search parameters and choose fewer limiting options. For example, instead of specifying Mohafaza, Qadaa and Area, please only choose Mohafaza & Qadaa.

    You can also revise your property search by increasing the range of area & price. This will enable our search engine to find available properties that are close to your select.

    If you revise your search and still find no properties, please contact a BROKERS XP office for information about property listings that are not marketed on the Internet.

    Q: What is Brokers XP Commission?

    As for Buyers, BROKERS XP retains a 2.5% commission fee from the total buying price.

    As for Sellers, BROKERS XP retains a 2.5% commission fee from the total selling price.

    As for long term rentals (1 year & above), BROKERS XP retains the first month rent.

    As for short term rentals (below 1 year), BROKERS XP retains 10% of the renting fees.

    For more information, contact us:

    Q: Why do I need a BROKERS XP “For Sale / Rent” sign?

    A BROKERS XP “For Sale / Rent” sign is one of the most effective means of attracting local buyers or tenants.
    It is part of our marketing package and you will almost certainly miss out on potential buyers or tenants if you don't have one.

    Q: I listed my home with BROKERS XP. When will I see it online?

    For questions about your property details or photos,
    please contact BROKERS XP office or the property consultant that listed your home.

    Q: How long have you been around in the market?

    practices and system have been developed by its founders & tailored to fit the Lebanese business environment.

    BROKERS XP starts operating in the Lebanese market from the beginning of 2009.

    Q: Why doesn't the property I'm interested in have a photo?

    team enters the property's data that the property owner approves to publish, sometimes some owners don’t prefer to publish photos of their property and we in BROKERS XP respect their request. However you can contact the BROKERS XP office directly to visit a specific property.

    Q: What are the advantages of working for BROKERS XP?

    Start by contacting BROKERS XP office.
    The Management can explain how to build a successful career, and take advantage of all the benefits of being a member of BROKERS XP System.