CEO Message
CEO Message
Since our establishment in 2009, we have grown substantially, earning a solid reputation in the real estate industry in terms of performance, integrity, and corporate excellence. This has all been made possible thanks to our talented team of professionals and our clients who have entrusted us to assist them in their decisions.

At BXP, we believe in establishing and maintaining strong relationships through open communication channels. We value your trust by making sure we ask you the right questions so we can assess your real needs and guide you to your most suitable investment opportunity.
We are a real estate consulting firm with a difference. We are shaped by technology, a highly trained team of professionals, and a genuine focus on your satisfaction. Through rigorous training and proven know-how, our team has been our catalyst for success, and technology has given us the edge. We are the dynamic vehicle that drives you to your next move.

We began as a real estate consulting firm that operates in Beirut, knowing the ins and outs of the city, and gradually began expanding our scope of work into international markets, and offering additional value-added services.

Inspired by a passion for development and continuous learning, we adapt international best practices to fit our needs, in order to address the market's unique nuances, ensuring you receive exceptional services.

We sincerely thank our dedicated team for their hard work, and our clients for their unwavering support. We appreciate your trust and belief in our approach in serving you in the most effective and efficient way.

Mr. Abdullah Saleh
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