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The founder
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Since we first started in 2009, we have grown substantially, earning a solid reputation and enjoying a great number of referrals for our residential and commercial sales and leasing, short stays, project sales and marketing services. This has all been made possible thanks to our talented team.

We would like to thank our clients who have entrusted us to assist them in their decisions. We would like to thank our talented team, who made it possible. Each and every employee has played an important role in making BXP the real estate brokerage it is today.

At BXP, we would never simply match you up with properties for sale or rent. We always take the time to ask you questions so we can assess your real needs and guide you to your most suitable home, office or retail space.
We are a real estate brokerage with a difference. We act as your real estate consultants. We are shaped by technology, our highly trained team of professionals and our genuine focus on your satisfaction. Through rigorous training and proven know-how our team has been our catalyst for success. And technology has given us the edge.

As a real estate brokerage that operates in Beirut, we know the ins and outs of the city. BXP is a home-grown real estate specialist with a dynamic young team that gives us added value. We built our approach based on the realities and needs of the Beirut market. We don't impose formulas that were developed overseas but rather engage in thorough research to select the best practices that can be adapted to Lebanon and also create practices that address the market's unique nuances. And all this is done to ensure we give you the service you deserve.

We have a vision to digitalize the real estate industry and BXP is bringing that vision to life. And soon our vision to expand internationally will be realized. We promise that client satisfaction and attention will remain our main priority no matter how much we grow.

You are the reason we are here after all. This is why we'd sincerely like to thank you again, our clients and future clients, our dedicated team, and certain individuals for your unwavering support.

BXP appreciates your trust and belief in our bespoke consulting approach coupled with our technology-driven edge to real estate brokerage in Beirut.

Mr. Abdullah Saleh
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