List Exclusively with us to receive dedicated exposure for your property
Follow this simple checklist for better results! BXP is always here to give you the edge in the Beirut property market.
  • I've made the necessary repairs to ensure prospective tenants will be satisfied and won't try to lower the price.
  • I've studied the market and my home is realistically priced so I can seal the deal within a good time frame and benefit from the generated interest. BXP will help you determine value as a courtesy.
  • I've selected a real estate consultant that can provide me with the marketing support I need coupled with proven knowledge about my area. BXP is specialized in Beirut real estate, has insight into each area and boasts great media channels for marketing.
  • I'm ready to be flexible about the timing of viewings because I want to lease my property faster
  • I've sorted out my paperwork to ensure everything goes smoothly. BXP is here to help! All the documents you need are right here.
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